Strive for soil

Morning and evening

This fleeing time troubles me,

Puts me into a dilemma

As to what to do and what to be.

I remember those days

When merry and play filled my life.

But today I’m in a game,

Where fear and expectations make me strive.

Strive to be someone,

To live in this domain.

But when I’ll mix with soil,

I’ll realize that leisure I could never gain.


Winters in pensioners paradise.

Dharwad, a small town in the state of Karnataka. Not very well known as the other districts of Karnataka like Bangalore and Mysore but quite renowned for it’s educational institutions, it’s pleasant atmosphere and serene beauty of land and greenery.

Because of these reasons it was known as the ‘pensioners paradise’.

As I have been brought up here, I have witnessed the drastic changes that have occurred in this place since the time I have observed them.

I remember those days during Christmas when it used to be so cold that my mother used to deck up my sister and me with a lot of woollens.

Those misty mornings which used to make me so lazy to wake up for school. The dew drops on every leaf of our garden, which used to look like little crystals on dark green leaves. And my grandma’s hot soup which warmed our throats.

But, since 2013 those winter’s have just disappeared. All due to the large scale deforestation taking place for urbanisation.

Before, from October itself the climate used to get chilly. But now at the end of November too the scorching sun’s rays doesn’t back off. It feels like winter has taken leave and left summer as it’s substitute.

Now a days I return home from college totally exhausted due to the heat even during November and December. It has been so long since I have had my grandma’s soup.

But one sign of winter is yet to be seen. It’s the long nights and the short days. It gets really dark by six in the evening.

And the mornings are lazy for me, as I am torpid to wake up despite the sun shining bright.

But one thing that never changed is the tranquility of this place. Especially my garden. As it is filled with the fragrance of flowers, pretty butterflies attracted to them, the birds singing their morning song and my little furry, wagging friend who makes the whole place lively.

I just hope that our winter comes back so that we can enjoy the allurement of winter as before.

The colour that matters.

Many came and many went,

To bring this iniquity to it’s end.

Many sowed and many grew,

The seeds of racism which are still prevelent.

 These seeds have grown into trees,

Which differ a lot in it’s flowers and leaves.

  They have reformed from racism to colourism,

Giving out it’s fruits of discernment.

For the ‘brown’ is looked down upon

And the ‘white’ has worn it’s crown,

Of supremacy and allurement.

But it’s not the tint of the clay,

 That moulds it into fine art;

  It’s the skill of one’s hand

  And robust what makes it                                                    extravagant.

At Changi airport.

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I was at the Changi international airport one of the world’s largest airport. 

I have never seen such a big, busy and beautiful airport till date, even though I have seen the Kempegouda international airport Bangalore and Rajeev Gandhi international airport Hyderabad which too have their own adjectives.

The airport has many terminals which lead you to taxis, buses and the sky train which operates between terminal 1, 2 and 3 with a total of seven stations.

 It has duty free shops of top brands with respect to all categories such as clothes, ornaments, food, accessories and many more where one can indulge in life’s finest.

There are catelogues providing information about the airport and about Singapore, found at almost every nook and corner. The airport staff are always ready to help in case of any difficulty or query.

There is a play area for children for them to enjoy and spend time.  

The most famous attraction are the lovely butterflies in a two storey enclosed tropical garden known as the ‘butterfly garden’ which is filled with colourful flowers and lush green leaves.

There is even a spa, a roof top swimming pool and a relax lounge. 

The most exquisite in addition to the butterfly garden is the sunflower gardens where you can feel the real connection with warmth and splendor. There are even vertical gardens inside the airport itself, on almost every wall. The dark pink orchids add up elegence and charm to the entire place.

Though I didn’t explore the entire airport due to shortage of time, I surely saw these attractions which I have mentioned above. 

If the airport could be so beautiful and have so much to indulge in,then just imagine how amazing the city of Singapore could be…
I have many more experiences to add up to my ‘travel diary’ and with regard to Singapore which I will bring out soon.

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The Desi Chinese.

India is well known for it’s culture, traditions, heritage, diversities in language, art and music, attire and so on. In addition to this India is also renowned for it’s variety in ‘food’ which differs in each and every part of the country. Every state’s delicacies are enjoyed by every citizen and even foreigners. Food is the essential base to unite people in the country and even around the world.

When we speak about any other countrie’s food, the main cuisine which comes to our mind is the ‘Chinese cuisine’ which is exceptionally famous in our country.

I have many experiences to elaborate my personal view about the Chinese cuisine.

There are many Chinese restaurants like Nan King, Chopsticks and so on which I have been to. There are a few restaurants in my home town too which cater to Chinese food which I am quite fond of. 

At first I used to think that the Chinese food prepared in China would taste the same as prepared in India. But later I realized that I was in a total misconception. I came to know that the Chinese food that we get in India is known as the ‘Desi Chinese’. These Chinese dishes like noodles, spring rolls, fried rice etc are prepared with the traditional Indian spices and masalas making it the Desi Chinese. This unique collaboration has made it a specialty in our country.

I came to know the true difference in taste, smell and appearance when I tasted the authentic Chinese cuisine on my recent visit to Singapore. I got an opportunity to taste their dumplings, momos and steamed rolls which differ a lot in taste, as they are prepared with the authentic Chinese sauces, herbs and ingredients which are a specialty over there.

In India I have not just tasted the ‘Desi Chinese’ but also the ‘Chinese-Indian’ which in simple terms can be understood as the collaboration of Indian dishes with Chinese delicacies like ‘Spring roll Dosa’,  ‘Fritters’ (bajjis) with Chinese sauces and so on are always on the top of my food list. Even at home when my grandma prepares her fritters, we enjoy it with szechwan sauce rather than chutney.

Even though we differ a lot in our culture and are diverse in many other ways, food always plays a crucial role to unite people of one country or of another. This is the essence of ‘unity in diversity.’

These wonderful dishes which I have  tasted  don’t just add up to my my experiences but also have boosted up my knowledge as I got to know all about this authentic cuisine.